Why should I join SORBA Chattanooga?

As if being a part of an organization that's literally (and figuratively) changing the landscape of Chattanooga isn't enough, there are many more benefits of being a part of IMBA, SORBA and SORBA Chattanooga. 

IMBA Membership Kit - IMBA members receive a personalized membership card, "propaganda-pack" stickers, subscriptions to IMBA Trail News and discounts on IMBA logo gear. US-resident Members also receive a year subscription to their choice of mountain biking magazines including Bicycling, Dirt Rag digital edition, Mountain Flyer magazine, Switchback digital edition or Velo digital edition. 

Discounts and Deals - IMBA members enjoy discounts on cycling-related gear and products -- save online and off. Please also shop your local IMBA dealers too. 

Travel Benefits - IMBA Destinations can help you find incredible places to ride, tour operators, skills camps, bike rentals and transport, lodging and great post-ride refueling spots. SORBA also offers benefits in addition to IMBA. 

Insurance Offers - Take advantage of discounted accident and comprehensive health insurance plans made available to IMBA members by our partners Adventure Advocates and Nicholas Hill. 


How do I join SORBA Chattanooga?

Joining is super easy. Simply join online at IMBA.com and be sure to enter SORBA Chattanooga as your local chapter! 

All donations paid as part of your membership dues go to IMBA, if you wish to make a donation to the SORBA-Chattanooga Trail Fund simply use the "donate" link to the right. Thanks for your support!