New Trail Projects

With the help of countless volunteers and local trail coordinators, SORBA Chattanooga works with local land managers and city officials to continually improve and maintain area trail systems. Not only do we strive for sustainable trails we also look for opportunities to improve existing trails.

Enterprise South Nature Park

At Enterprise South Nature Park we have the opportunity to build six additional miles of trail outside the existing park gate. There is the potential to add up to 15 additional miles with the proper funding and volunteer support.These trails have been designed to be technical, challenging and fun. The new trails will complement the existing trails while improving rider skill. We are currently in the planning phase and actively seeking funding options. SORBA Chattanooga hopes to begin construction on these trails by fall 2014.

If you would like to help make these new trails great, please contact us, volunteer, or donate.  Let's work together to make Chattanooga a true mountain bike destination.