**Postponed** Walden’s Ridge Park Clean Up - Saturday 9/14


Walden’s Ridge Park Cleanup scheduled for this Saturday, September 14, has been postponed. We were looking forward to a great event and will send a rescheduled date at a cooler date this year.

This week’s heat wave, an increase in seed ticks, and an abundance of poison ivy has made the cleanup potentially unsafe for such a large number of volunteers. Your safety is our first priority! Trail building and other improvements at the park are just beginning, so be on the lookout for future opportunities to help out. Thank you all for signing up to volunteer and for your understanding.  

Join us for a community cleanup event at the forthcoming Walden's Ridge Park! This new 200-acre park area is located between Mountain Creek Road in Red Bank and the W-Road on Signal Mountain and will provide climbers, mountain bikers, and hikers with a unique recreation space just a few minutes from Chattanooga. Sadly, the property is littered with decades of waste thrown from vehicles passing and littering.

Meet us @ 9:00 in the parking lot at the old Quarry Golf Course (1001 Reads Lake Road). From there we will enjoy complimentary coffee courtesy of MayFly Coffee (bring your own mug please) & then split off into groups for a morning of trash cleanup!


- Registration required. Space is limited and we want to ensure we have enough supplies and snacks for the morning!

- Age: 18 and up

- Please bring water and gloves if you have them. We recommend you wear long pants and closed toed shoes.

Registration can be done via Eventbrite link below. 1st 50 participants to register and attend will receive a Hydro Flask pint glass or water bottle.

Click here to register.

Posted on September 9, 2019 .

REI & TVA partners with SORBA for upcoming National Trails Day events

Saturday June 1st is National Trails Day, the only nationally coordinated event designed to unite all user groups around the most common denominator, great trails.

For this year’s National Trail Day, Recreational Equipment  Inc. (REI) & the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have partnered with SORBA Chattanooga to provide fun volunteer events with the opportunity to give back to both Enterprise South Nature Park & Raccoon Mountain trail system.


         Enterprise South Nature Park


Click HERE for more Enterprise South National Trail Day information & registration.


             Raccoon Mountain


Click HERE for more Raccoon Mountain National Trail Day information & registration.


Great trails don’t just happen; they require collaborative efforts among trail clubs, organizations, agencies, and most importantly volunteers. Come join REI, TVA, & SORBA Chattanooga at one of these great events on Saturday June 1st and let your inner trail stewardship shine.





Posted on May 22, 2019 .

National Parks Seeks Public Comments On Mountain Bike Use On Lookout Mountain

The National Park Service is seeking public comment to evaluate whether to allow MOUNTAIN BIKE use on the Jackson Gap Trail and the upper section of the John Smartt Trail in the Lookout Mountain Battlefield, within Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

In September 2014, the park completed a General Management Plan Amendment for the Lookout Mountain Battlefield. A SORBA Chattanooga supported long-term goal articulated during this plan was to allow bicycle use on the 2-mile segment of the Jackson Gap and John Smartt hiking trails. This proposed conversion, if implemented, would allow riders the ability to connect existing multi-use trails (Guild Hardy / Upper Truck) to Moonshine, Lula Lake, and on to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia.

SORBA Chattanooga encourages EVERYBODY to complete this online assessment and add the following supportive comments:

I am in favor of allowing bicycles on this lightly used trail.

Comments can be submitted electronically from May 6 to June 4 via NPS link below. The link is easy and takes less than 3 minutes.



SORBA Chattanooga

Posted on May 6, 2019 .

SORBA Night Ride Benefiting Lula Lake Land Trust - 3rd time’s a charm!

Join us this Thursday, April 11th at Lula Lake Land Trust for our next member’s only night ride. Riders will organize and depart from the Lula Lake Land Trust 6:00-6:30 with led group rides covering Moonshine and/or LLLT trail systems. Post ride, we’ll all congregate and warm up around a campfire by the falls for marshmallows and winter warmers.

For this event we will be collecting a $10 rider fee. All proceeds will be used to help fund repairs on Nickajack section of the CCT trail & a new loop trail that will lead up to High Point.

All participants must be an active SORBA Chattanooga member, helmet, and signed waiver. Bring lights if plan in getting lost.

See you there!




Posted on April 7, 2019 .

Help REI Co-op invest in our Mountain Creek Park Project


Through a new program, REI co-op members can help REI decide how to invest $1 million in local stewardship projects. 

This year, the co-op will surpass $100 million invested in the outdoors. To celebrate, REI is launching the Loving Our Local Outdoors initiative to offer co-op members across the country a chance to help local nonprofit organizations near all of our 154 stores. Over a four-week period, REI members visiting all REI stores can help REI decide how to invest $1 million.

Here’s how the program works: 

Members who make an in-store purchase at Chattanooga REI between March 7 and April 8, 2019, will get a token at the register. They will be invited to choose among three local stewardship projects, our beloved Mountain Creek Park project being one of them.

Rest assured, there are no losers here. All participating nonprofit partners will receive funding based on the number of tokens allocated to a project in our area.

But, if you want to support downhill mountain biking, bouldering, and hiking just minutes from city center, visit REI Chattanooga between now and April 8th and choose SORBA Chattanooga Mountain Creek Road project!

Not a member, here’s how to join.


Posted on March 14, 2019 .

Stringer’s Ridge Trail Closure Update


Update on Stringer's Ridge Park: The parking area and trails accessed from the Cherokee Blvd. trailhead are closed due to a mudslide and there is no known timeline on reopening. All users should access trails from Spears Ave. trailhead until further notice. Updates will be shared as they become available. CHAPublicWorks requests users report trail issues like down trees to 311. 

Posted on March 13, 2019 .

IMBA Trail Solutions presents concept and design plan for Mountain Creek Park project


Stoke level was high last Thursday night at Chattanooga Brewing Company as IMBA Trail Solutions shared their interim trail concept and design plan for the Mountain Creek Park project.


We’re psyched at the proposed plan and even more so to continue working with  IMBA, UTC’s IGT Lab, North Chick Creek Conservancy, Southeast Climbers Coalition, The Land Trust for Tennesee & Hamilton County Parks Dept. to provide a new place to bike/hike/climb minutes from downtown. Stay tuned for updates and more ways to support and be involved.

Posted on March 9, 2019 .

That’s Gonna Leave A Mark - Freeze/Thaw Cycles Explained

Most riders understand that you shouldn't ride the trails when they're muddy.  Most riders understand acceptable riding conditions as well.  Sunny... dry... go ride! Bueno. But what about this time of year? When is it ok to ride without damaging the trail? How do you know if it's OK to ride before you get to the trail. Understanding freeze/thaw cycle can help you make that decision of when to ride trail, or when it's time to stay home and play Scrabble, watch QVC, etc.


As the temperature drops, moisture in the soil freezes.  As most of you know from that forgetful moment when you leave that “I need this hot beer to get cold quick” bottle in the freezer, it expands as it freezes. If you don’t know, here’s an example.

Beercicle or Beer Art?

Beercicle or Beer Art?

When this scenario happens on a trail, the composition of the soil is blown apart by the expansion of the frozen water molecules.  As the temperatures rise, the 'blown up' soil compresses and, with water, makes... MUD.  Nasty, slimy, slippery mud.



The real issue is moisture in the soil. Rain from a week or so ago can impact the moisture level in the soil & start the F/T process.  If the soil is dry, freezing temps won't have much of an impact on the soil at all.


Air temps & soil temps are two very different things. Say it's 40 degrees for a few days and then the overnight temperature dips to 28 or 29F for a couple of hours.  Even though air temp is below freezing, the ground temperature probably won't go below freezing since dirt's a pretty good insulator.  The opposite can be true as well.  If the ground has been frozen solid for a few days, having air temperatures above freezing for a few hours won't be enough to thaw the ground. Snow can also be a factor in that it has a relationship to the soil temperature.  Snow can either buffer the warmer soil from colder air temperatures OR buffer the colder soil temperatures from warmer air temperatures.


A very common situation here in Tennessee is where the trails are frozen in the AM & by mid-morning the increasing air temp and direct sunshine are given enough time to start the thawing process. Two hours can literally change the trail from a perfect, frozen, hard-pack to a sloppy, slushy mess. PSA: If you're going to ride during this time of year, early is usually better.

Pic of Livewire 1  -  1/26/19 - 📷 E. Rippon

Pic of Livewire 1  -  1/26/19 - 📷 E. Rippon

No matter how much you think you understand the combination of moisture, temperature & time, there's no substitute for making good choices when you get to the trail.  If you see that you're leaving deep ruts & mud is sticking to your bike, it's not OK to ride. Yes, it’s frustrating when you've checked the weather forecast, packed up all your stuff, made it to the trail and then realize that it's not in great shape.  No weather forecast makes up for good choices on the trail.  Be prepared to bail and help preserve the trails for everyone.


Posted on January 30, 2019 .

SORBA Night Ride @ Enterprise South - 12/18

Time to dust off your lights and tights! SORBA Chattanooga and Scott’s Bicycle Centre will host the first member winter night ride 6pm December 18th at Enterprise South Nature Park.

Helmets, lights, waiver, $5, and an active SORBA membership are required to participate. Join/Renew at link below.


See you there!

Posted on December 10, 2018 .

Chrismahanukwanzakah / Mulberry Gap Dec. 8th postponed due to weather.

With regret, SORBA Chattanooga has decided to postpone this Saturday’s Mulberry Gap ride/party to a future date TBD.  We cannot in good faith endorse riding the Pinhoti’s with 30 degree temps & 2in of rain, nor does it sound like much fun either.

For those that wish to cancel their reservations, contact Mulberry Gap (www.mulberrygap.com) and you’ll be issued a lodging credit good for 12 months.  For those that prepaid for meals, please contact SORBA at membership@sorbachattanooga.org for refund.

For those who prepaid for shuttles, we will be working soon to issue a physical refund. 

Look for a reschedule date sometime early Spring 2019. We thank you all for your understanding and hope you all have a great holiday season.

Build local. Ride local.

SORBA Chattanooga


Posted on November 26, 2018 .

Ready To Win A Yeti? Join/Renew Today.

Show some love to the trails you ride! IMBA/SORBA Chattanooga Membership pays for the upkeep of trails, expansion of new trails and strengthens our ability to get more places to ride. When you join or renew your membership in October, you’re entered to win a Yeti SB5 or SB5 Beti, your choice! Join/Renew membership via banner link above and don’t forget to select SORBA Chattanooga as your chapter.



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New Merch Added To The SORBA Store

Trail jerseys, arm & leg warmers, vests...we have all the premium digs by Jakaroo. Need to act quick though. Next order placement goes out Friday, Oct. 5th.


Posted on October 3, 2018 .

Why Not To Ride Your Bike On Wet Trails

Now that the rain has stopped, it’s tempting to get out there and go ride. After this weeks massive precip, our trail systems are still extremely wet. Riding in such conditions can have an adverse effect causing ruts and erosion, widening of the trails, and cause damage to your bike. There are trails that handle precip better than others such as a trail with more rock or gravel (Snake Creek Gap, White Oak), but after this week it’s best to avoid trails for 24-36 hrs to give them a chance to drain and recover.

Erosion and Ruts:

If the trail is wet and muddy, continual bike riding creates ruts making the trail worse when it dries. The more a trail is ridden on, the more susceptible it becomes to erosion, yet erosion is accelerated when the trail is muddy and bike tires are going deeper into the dirt. Ruts on trails require trail maintenance, which is done by volunteer work. There is a huge misconception that the trail will just repair itself. That is False. The trail will become worse over time. The more work volunteers have to do to correct ruts and erosion from trail abuse and weather, the less time they have to focus on other trail improvements. 

Widening of the Trails:

Riders usually tend to go around the muddy areas and off-trail when the paths are wet. In doing this, it will start to create another trail, leaving behind a singletrack path and making erosion worse. If the trail is truly mud filled or gets worse as you ride further into, it’s best to turn back around and try again another day.

Damage to Your Bike:

Mud can have a severe impact on your bike. Riding wet, muddy trails will cause mud to lump up on your rear tire, which can catch your rear derailleur forcing it to bend or break. That’s not the only part that can be impacted-think about the bearings, cables, all the essential bike parts that could also be damaged.

We know the cabin fever is killing you; we’re dying to get out there and ride too. One sunny day can trick us into believing we are good to go, but after this past week that will generally not be the case. Remember the impact that wet riding has on the trails & your bike. After all, who truly enjoys being wet and muddy?

Peace & Trail Love,

SORBA Chattanooga

Posted on September 28, 2018 .

SORBA Chattanooga jersey and bibs back in online store.

Admit it. You made a mistake. You didn’t place your SORBA Chattanooga kit order by the deadline. You feel bad. Comfort can only be obtained from the snug embrace of new lycra.

We here at SORBA Chattanooga feel your pain and here to help by giving  you a second chance.

We’re reopening the store for another run of our premium SORBA Chattanooga Jersey & Bibs. These goods are manufacturerd by Jakroo (Pleasanton, CA) and guaranteed to make you the envy of all your cycling friends.

30% from each kit item sold will fund support for SORBA Chattanooga’s CYCLe (Chattanooga Youth Cycling League) program & the Hamilton-Bradley County Composite NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) team.  Both organizations are SORBA Chattanooga supported and aim to get (and keep) more kids riding bikes in the woods!

Online store order deadline is Thursday October 4th. Anticipated delivery date is week of Oct. 22nd.

Don’t sleep. Visit our store page and place those orders today!



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Donate to SORBA Chattanooga. Win a Santa Cruz Bronson.

Donate for a chance to win a medium 2018 Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon XE generously provided by Mike Skiles and the fine folks of Suck Creek Cycle.

Single entries are $25; multiple entries $20 each.  Total entries will be capped at 250. Winner will be drawn and contacted by October 31st. The bike will be available for local pickup in Chattanooga, or the winner may arrange shipping at his or her expense.

All proceeds will go to SORBA Chattanooga to further the development and improvement of mountain bike trails in our area.

Purchase tickets in our Store or by clicking HERE.


Bike Tech Specs

Color gloss carbon / sriracha

Size medium

Frame Material carbon fiber

Suspension VPP

Rear Shock FOX Float Performance Elite DPX

Rear Travel 150mm

Fork FOX 36 Float Performance Elite

Front Travel 150mm

Headset Cane Creek 40

Shifters Shimano XT M8000

Front Derailleur n/a

Rear Derailleur Shimano XT M8000


Crankset 30t Race Face Turbine

Bottom Bracket BSA threaded

Cassette 9 - 46t E13 TRS Race

Chain Shimano SLX M7000

Brakeset Shimano XT M8000

Brake Type hydraulic disc

Rotors 180mm Shimano Ice Tech RT86

Handlebar Santa Cruz AM Carbon

Handlebar Width 800mm

Grips Santa Cruz Palmdale

Stem Race Face Aeffect R

Stem Length 50mm

Saddle WTB Silverado Pro

Seatpost RockShox Reverb Stealth

Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm

Wheelset [rims] Race Face AR 27

Hubs Novatec D641/642

Front Axle 15 x 110mm Boost

Rear Axle 12 x 148mm Boost

Tires Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR II

Tire Size 27.5 x 2.3in

Pedals not included

Manufacturer Warranty lifetime on frame

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Beers, Bids, & a Bike Tomorrow Night at OddStory Brewing

SORBA Chattanooga will be hosting another pint night and silent auction tomorrow (Thursday Sept. 13th) from 7-9pm at OddStory Brewing. (336 E. MLK Blvd). This go round there will be different items up for auction including a 2018 Trek Roscoe 27.5+. If you did not make it in August, this will be your opportunity to come hang & join in on the fun.

Silent Action Items:

1. Windrock day pass with Premium bike rental AND 2 hours of coaching with Sean Leader

2. REI items

3. Nourish Point Gift Certificate

4. MudHoe - SORBA Chattanooga tumblers

5. Celeste Cyr - massage certificate

6. Mulberry Gap - one night stay 

7. Trek Store Chattanooga- 2018 19" Roscoe 7 mountain bike!

8. Oddstory Items

9. Above the Ridge Outfitters Items

10. Glacè Cryotherapy- gift card for 3 services


OddStory is a 21+ establishment. 



Posted on September 12, 2018 .