Infinit Nutrition is now offering a discount to SORBA Chattanooga members.

INFINIT Nutrition is proud to be supporting SORBA Chattanooga and helping everyone ride more and race better this season and next.  INFINIT is committed to taking care of our nutritional needs so we can perform at our best.  Surely anything that helps us to stay on the bike longer is a good thing!

INFINIT specializes in all-in-one custom blended performance nutrition, giving you the ability to customize every component of your fuel.  Your formula will fit your personal nutritional needs and taste exactly how you want it to. Additionally, customization includes:

  • Eight different flavor options and adjust the flavor strength to taste great for you all day long.
  • Change the calories to match your body size and for the type of racing/training that you are doing.
  • Adjust the level of electrolytes to your sweat rate and history of muscle cramping.
  • Add protein, branched chain amino acids, caffeine, beta alanine, and/or Microactive CoQ10® to any of your custom blends!
  • All natural, simple ingredients to fuel your body the way nature intended. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, colorings or dyes.

Plus, as a sponsored member of SORBA Chattanooga, you will receive a 15% discount on all of our products and gear! Simply enter the discount code “MTBFOREVER“ in your Shopping Cart, and click apply coupon!

If you're not sure what you need in a custom formula, you can try of of the semi-custom preset formulas  or contact Emily Elsbrock, our Assistant Sponsorship Coordinator and Formulation Specialist. Emily is ready to help all the members of SORBA Chattanooga build their optimal custom formulas. Don't hesitate to contact her with any questions. 

You can also rest easy knowing INFINIT is committed to getting your formula right. If you're not 100% happy with you, INFINIT will remake it at no charge.

Posted on July 14, 2015 .